Water Storage Tanks, Inc. is a manufacturer of above ground corrugated galvanized bolted steel water tanks.  Our tanks are proudly made in the USA with US steel and components.

In the early 1990’s, Carolyn and Jack Hall, the founders, were looking for a viable water storage solution for some rural Texas property.  While visiting New Zealand they took an interest in the traditional wood tanks used for storing water and began importing them into the United States as TimberTanks.

The wood shake roofs of these tanks did not hold up well to the Texas sun so Jack began investigating and engineering a more reliable metal roof solution utilizing the grain bin style corrugated steel design.  A few short years later work began on re-engineering the entire tank to be made from corrugated galvanized steel and utilize a flexible membrane liner for water storage.

Water Storage Tanks, Inc. was founded in 2006 providing these revolutionary “CorGal” steel tanks throughout the United States through a network of dealers and distributors.

In 2015, Kai and Christy Langendoen took over Water Storage Tanks, Inc. and have continued Jack and Carolyn’s tradition of engineering better solutions for water storage and expanding the CorGal and TimberTanks brands both nationally and internationally.


Other brands of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. include:  GardenTank, CisternTank, and CorGreen


We are a dedicated team of water storage and sustainability professionals here to help with your projects.

Greg Berglund
Website Manager

Greg works with our sales and marketing team to develop and manage our online presence and experience.

Jeff Falck
Operations Manager
512-301-1817 x103

Jeff ensures that once an order is placed, it is built to our quality standards and is delivered to the project site on time. He is also available to consult on specialty projects, such as tanks on towers.

Christy Langendoen
Vice President
512-301-1817 x108

An experienced sales representative in commercial construction, Christy is also an ARCSA Accredited Professional.

Robert Turner
Senior Sales Manager
512-301-1817 x105

Rob is dedicated to providing timely and accurate customer service to our dealers and distributors for generating quotes and pursuing new tank projects and opportunities.

Kai Langendoen
512-301-1817 x106

As president of the company, Kai is involved with all aspects of daily operations, growth initiatives, and strategic direction.

Jack Hall, P.E.
Consultant (not pictured)

A founding member of Water Storage Tanks, Inc., Jack now serves in a consultative role, lending his expertise for special projects.