We are about building long term relationships.  At Water Storage Tanks, Inc. we don’t just sell tanks; we provide on-going training, sales and marketing support, lead generation, and relationship management for our dealers and distributors.  Our philosophy is simple; if you’re successful, we’re successful.

There are lots of tank manufacturers out there, and we understand that your reputation and ours is on the line with every tank that is installed.  If you demand quality engineered tanks made in the USA and integrity in the company and products your business represents, you’re in the right place.



Our CorGal tanks and TimberTanks are supplied through a network of dealers and resellers throughout the United States.  These organizations have professionals to assist with complete system design for Rainwater Harvesting, Fire Protection, Stormwater Management, or virtually any application for water storage tanks.

CorGal tanks are also sold through various international channels, including dealers in Canada, Central and South America.  In some instances where a dealer or distributor is not present we can sell direct, although unlike other tank manufacturers, this is not our typical business model.


A Dealer of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. (WST) products is typically a landscape contractor, irrigation contractor, rainwater systems installer, mechanical contractor, plumber, well driller, fire protection contractor, building contractor or a manufacturer’s rep.

A Reseller of Water Storage Tanks, Inc. products is normally an organization with a strong sales and marketing force that will promote and sell the WST products. A Reseller will typically not assemble the products they sell.

A Dealer or Reseller must be an established business, operating with legal authority that is granted to the business by the states and other governmental jurisdictions in which the Dealer proposes to operate.

A Dealer or Reseller must have adequate operating capital and insurance to cover its sales.

The Dealer must have a sales tax exemption number and agree to collect and remit all sales tax, use tax or any other tax or governmental fee that may occur from sales of WST products.


The Reseller shall have adequate personnel and facilities to perform the following:

  • Market WST products to architects, engineers and end users
  • Sell WST products to end users
  • Have adequate capital to undertake construction projects
  • Provide insurance required to contract for assembly and erection of products
  • Prepare and process product submittals for specific projects
  • Transmit product literature to customers, designers and end users
  • Read drawings and specifications


In addition to the Reseller requirements, a WST products Dealer shall have adequate personnel and equipment to perform the following:

  • Unload, store and ship out WST products
  • Assemble and erect the WST products


WST does not grant exclusive geographical territory marketing rights.

WST may agree to assign a Dealer a Preferred Territory and / or a Preferred Industry for the Dealer’s sales, marketing and installation efforts. When either a Preferred Territory or Preferred Industry is assigned to a Dealer, then WST, at its sole discretion, will direct inquiries for WST products to the assigned Dealer.


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